Altair Council of Owners
A new Council of Owners was elected at the AGM on the 10th November 2011.
At the first Council Meeting held Tuesday 23rd November the following positions were filled:

Chairman/Secretary – Steve Hansen
Carl (Marko) Markovic
Treasurer – Lew Davies
Brian Cribb

You can contact your Council direct via email. See Contact/Links

BEWARERental Scam [74KB] or see WA ScamNet

Building Manager Notices

A pdf of the Altair Building Manager’s Notices can be downloaded below:

Air Key Operation [130KB]

Balcony Conversations & Noise [148KB]

Bin Notice [136KB]

No Smoking [155KB]

Noise [152KB]

Security [201KB]

Smells [142KB]

Window Washing [159KB]